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How to School Yourself in Wine

Is a deep understanding of wine something anyone can learn? How about pairing wine with food? "I know what sommeliers will tell you (what they are trained to tell you): drink what you like!" says mp413. "But I also know that sometimes a wine just doesn't work with some food, while another wine will work perfectly, and I don't just want someone to tell me what to order, I want to know what to order." READ MORE

Go Ahead, Store Onions in the Fridge

Onions keep best when stored in cool, dark places—sparrowgrass thinks the fridge works just fine. "Don't store potatoes and onions... READ MORE

What to Do When Yogurt Separates?

What do you do when your tub of yogurt separates into watery liquid (whey) and thicker yogurt? Do you mix it back together or drain off the... READ MORE

Hakka Rice Snacks: Umami Bombs

Hakka rice snacks, also known as sticky rice dumplings, are "greenish, glutinous objects" made from soft dough and any number of filling... READ MORE

Overheard on the General Topics Board

"Chesapeake Bay blue crabs. As a lifelong Marylander I never really understood all the fuss. I'd have the occasional crabcake, but gen... READ MORE

Pigging Out on Carnival Foods

Carnival and festival foods aren't usually subtle. Rather, they celebrate the sweet, the salty, and the deep-fried. Fried dough in various guises is a staple. For many hounds, this means churros. "Oh those fluffy, crunchy-on-the-outside cinnamon-sugar coated delights," says Popkin. kattyeyes knows sweet fried dough as pizza fritte. "I don't mind a hit of the brush with melted butter, either, before sprinkling the sugar on," she says. The English version, says smartie, is fried doughnuts hot out of the frier, dusted with caster sugar. "[T]hey taste like funnel cakes in a way but are doughier," says smartie. And sunangelmb loves the fried dough balls called zeppole at Italian carnivals: "So light and delicious, they were like eating sweet balloons." READ MORE

The Wonders of Fresh Soursop

If you're lucky enough to score some fresh soursop (also known as guanábana), what should you do with it? Just eat it, says Pan, like they... READ MORE

Reaping Umami from Dried Seafood

Dried fish, squid, scallops, and other seafood are intensely tasty on their own and add umami richness to other foods. luckyfatima loves Chinese dishes that feature a mix of both fresh and dried, rehydrated squid. "One animal, two different textures and tastes in the same dish," she says. When in Thailand, bulavinaka always gets cooked dried cuttlefish from street vendors. "The hawkers will quickly roast it, then push it through a roller to tenderize it," says bulavinaka. "It's served with a sweet/hot chile sauce. It's the closest thing I can think of from the dried seafood category that resembles fruit leather." READ MORE

Worth the Hunt: Raw Sea Scallops with Roe

If you've never had a fresh, raw sea scallop with its roe still intact, David11238 seriously advises you to change that. Not to be dramatic, but it's "heaven served on Neptune's plate," he says. "Except for the digestive sac (the black gunk) which I threw out, the scallop has all of these tastes going on: crunchy & briny eyes, creamy & mild muscle/abductor and the best part, IMO, if you're lucky enough to get it, the roe," David11238 says. READ MORE

Nigella Seeds and How to Use Them

Nigella seeds (Nigella sativa) are flavorful and jet black. They're known variously as charnushka, black onion seeds, and kalonji... READ MORE