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Cooking with Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek is an essential curry spice, says JungMann, who "balance[s] its bitterness and pungency by incorporating it into a spice blend... READ MORE

Homemade Refried Beans: Worth the Effort?

It takes time and effort to make refried beans from scratch. Are they enough of an improvement over canned ones to be worth it? Will Owen makes them from scratch sometimes. "To me it's a lot like making a pot of chili just for chili dogs, when good canned chili works better," he says. "Refried beans around here are more often a component of some dish than a dish all their own: bean burritos, bean dip, whatever. The canned ones, sometimes with a little spicing up, are perfect for this kind of thing." READ MORE

How Cold Should You Serve Salads?

Should fresh salad greens be served cold or room temperature? emglow101 likes them cold, just out of the fridge, but has friends who lik... READ MORE

Napoleons Without the Mess

Leaves of delicate puff pastry support layers of pastry cream in the French dessert called a napoleon (also mille-feuille and millefoglie). It's beautiful, but how do you eat it (or even cut it for serving) without reducing it to a sad pile of custard-smeared crumbs? Ordinary knife pressure makes the cream smush out all over the place, says KaimukiMan. And deconstructing layer by layer isn't exactly what the chef intended. READ MORE

Sunflower Seeds That Taste Like Dill Pickles?

Unbeknownst to some hounds, seasoned sunflower seeds are available in many flavors. The ones that taste like dill pickles might be the ulti... READ MORE

Vegetable Tempura from the Freezer

Can you coat vegetables in tempura batter and freeze them for frying later? waholi had trouble: The vegetables turned out rubbery and/or... READ MORE

Can You Taste Annatto in American Cheese?

Annatto, the seeds of the achiote plant, is used in American cheese as a natural source of orange dye, says Delucacheesemonger. Annatto s... READ MORE

Adorable Thai Pea Eggplants

At a Thai market, lottobear came across an unfamiliar vegetable: tiny green spheres, each about the size of a raspberry. After consultin... READ MORE

Making Ceviche from Cooked Shrimp

If it's cooked, does it still technically count as ceviche? If you're using shrimp, then the answer is yes—it's completely authentic and appropriate to parboil the shrimp before soaking in lime juice. Njchicaa was tipped off by a clerk at the grocery store to steam shrimp halfway before adding lime juice. "It is delicious!" Njchicaa says. The reason for cooking: By the time raw shrimp would fully cure in lime juice, they'd have an unpleasantly flaccid, rubbery texture, says ipsedixit. bulavinaka confirms that soaking shrimp in lime juice for hours is not advisable. "I ended up with ick," says bulavinaka. "And don't get fancy by mixing in pineapple or papaya. The enzymes will ick your seafood as well." READ MORE

The Right Way to Add Anchovies to Pizza?

Do you love anchovies on pizza, but hate when they're reduced to "little skidmarks of salt" (as hazelhurst describes it)? Baking can cha... READ MORE