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Onion-Saving Secret

Onion cognoscenti offer a neat trick for prolonging freshness (especially with varieties that don’t usually keep so well, such as Vidalias). READ MORE

Veggie Burgers without the “Faux”

There are veggie burgers that try to mimic meat, and there are ones that taste like exactly what they are: vegetables (and grain)! Here are some recommendations for finding the latter. READ MORE

Canned Salmon

Pay more for skinless, boneless canned salmon. Some brands almost taste fresh. Here are some hound-approved brands of high-quality canned salmon. READ MORE

Tickled Pink at In-N-Out

It’s well known that burgers at the In-N-Out chain are cooked to order. What’s not so well known is that you can order them cooked as you’d like, and they’ll take —and execute reasonably well —orders for rare and medium rare burgers without flinching. READ MORE

Shipping Lobsters

It’s hard to find fresh, top-quality lobsters outside the Northeast. Mail order is a fine alternative, though. READ MORE