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The Papain Effect

Fresh (or frozen) pineapple, kiwi, papaya, figs, guava, and ginger root all contain the enzyme papain, a powerful meat tenderizer. READ MORE

Havista Kyoto Noodles

HLing rhapsodizes about the Havista Kyoto brand noodles she found in a Korean market. READ MORE

Bottoms Up! Beer with Clamato Juice

A drink called a “Chavela” is popular in Mexico. It’s Clamato juice spiked with beer. READ MORE

Penzey’s for Spices

Penzey’s spices are very fresh, and their extracts are equally wonderful. READ MORE

Ben & Jerry’s Portion Control

Ben & Jerry’s new mini-size delivers a relatively healthful four ounce portion, along with a small spoon. READ MORE

Scrambling the Golden Egg

Should you luck into a fresh goose egg, don’t get fancy. READ MORE

A Pink, Snappy Kitchen Helper

LamsonSharp’s FoodLoop is a length of silicone that replaces kitchen twine for kitchen chores such as trussing birds, tying up roasts, or bundling vegetables. READ MORE

Densest, Fudgiest Brownies Around

We’ve got answers for hounds who love super fudgy brownies, almost candy-like in the center. READ MORE

Coffee With…

Those who don’t drink their coffee black must keep some sort of “creamer” on hand. But when they run out, as they inevitably do, the artificial stuff fails to appeal. READ MORE

Potatoes in the Raw

Eating raw potatoes may not be popular in this country, but it’s common in China. READ MORE