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On Benchmark Wine Prices

warrenr offers good advice on figuring out the wine pricing structure of various restaurants: don’t use benchmark wine prices. READ MORE

Manzanilla Sherries

Manzanilla sherries are gossamer-light. Each has a unique character that comes partially from place of origin, and partially from the thick layer of flor yeast that blankets the wine during fermentation, protecting it from oxidization. Fino and amontillad READ MORE

American Flatbread

A boxed frozen pizza called American Flatbread is really great, says Allfrog68. READ MORE

Rum Drinks: Dark, Not So Sweet

Dark rum is usually associated with sweet drinks, but here are some drier applications for those who don’t want all the sweetness. READ MORE

Gruner Veltliner

Melanie Wong is really into the classic stylings of the 2004 Gruner Veltliners. They’re not quite as tropical as Veltliners from warmer years. 2004 shows more mineral and white pepper notes. They’ve been slower to show than usual, but have become much m READ MORE

Saving Tomatoes

Most people save tomatoes by putting them in some plastic-wrap in the fridge or something like that, but chowhounds in the know say that fridges kill raw tomatoes. READ MORE

Pork-Like Duritos

Duritos look like fried pork skins in the shape of little wheels. READ MORE

Fried Pig Flavor Bomb

Crispy pata is a Filipino delicacy made by poaching a pig’s hind leg, then deep-frying–an amazing combination of textures and flavors. READ MORE

Cassis And Creme De Cassis

What are the better brands of cassis and creme de cassis? READ MORE

Odd Candies

There are lots of oddball candies in this world. Chowpatty favors Mexican candies flavored with tamarind, chile, or both. She also loves leche quemada, basically Mexican milk fudge. It’s kind of like penuche, but made with white sugar instead of bro READ MORE