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Emergency Entertaining

Entertain in an instant with these 12 staples. READ MORE

Our Favorite Butchers

We go for the real meat, the sustainably farmed, humanely raised and slaughtered, heritage, no-hormone, quality product, and for guys behind the counter knowledgeable enough to tell us where the meat came from and how to cook it. READ MORE

How to Chill a Bottle of Wine Quickly

To chill a bottle fast --15 minutes tops --place it up to its neck in a bucket of water and ice (plain ice alone doesn't work as well). READ MORE

How to Brown Butter

Brown butter has many uses; make it a part of your repertoire. READ MORE

Pick a Peck of Peppermills

We decided to put our nose to the grind and find the best peppermills out there. READ MORE

The Secret Ingredient Every Chef Uses

Where to get the best, and how to use them. READ MORE


Can there be anything better than a plate of tomatoes and fresh mozzarella di bufala dressed with a good olive oil? Maybe. READ MORE

Harold McGee Speaks

Harold McGee is the king of kitchen science, the man who solves food mysteries ranging from how much oil you can emulsify into a mayonnaise with one egg yolk to why frying spatter ends up on the inside surface of the cook's eyeglasses. READ MORE

Wait! Before You Bakeā€¦

Hint: Frosting is easier if your cake is cold. Plus, the ultra-secret crumb layer trick. READ MORE

You Say Farine, I Say Flour

Learn the difference between French and American flour and ways you can substitute for the real thing. READ MORE