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HFCS Tries to Rebrand, Fish Die, Chang Is Awkward

Crazy Dead Fish Photos: Hundreds of thousands of dead fish blanketed the bayou in southern Louisiana, prompting people to wonder if the oil spill was to blame. Investigations are under way, but local authorities say this stuff used to happen even before the spill. Seriously? via the Washington Post READ MORE

Lady Gaga’s Meat Bikini, Honey Smuggling Ring Stung

Just in Time for Halloween: Frankenfish: The FDA will decide if it will approve genetically altered salmon in a few weeks. The fish are said to grow twice as fast as a regular farmed Atlantic salmon. Biologists are worried about what could happen if the altered fish get into the wild and breed with non-altered fish. via ABC News READ MORE

Bayless Bitchfest, Deep-Fried Beer Fling, Yelpers Still Good for Mocking

More Reason to Be Smug About Eating Organic: A study comparing fields of conventional and organic strawberries over two seasons found that organic berries had "about 10 percent more antioxidants, ascorbic acid and phenolic compounds" than the conventional ones, and that the organic field had better soil health. via the Washington Post READ MORE

Food Blogger Flogged, Dr. Claw Boiled

Big Brother Doesn't Want You to Be Fat: The FDA has proposed national guidelines (similar to those already in effect in New York City) that would require restaurant chains with over 20 locations to post calorie info for menu items. via LA Times READ MORE

David Chang’s “Bitchface,” Sodas in Drag, Egg Calamity

The Egg Industry Cracks: Wright County Egg based in Galt, Iowa, recalled 380 million eggs due to salmonella contamination, one of the biggest recalls in recent history. via Wall Street Journal READ MORE

Flesh Eating for 3.4 Million Years, Signs of the Apocalypse, Hooters

Next Up, Apocalypse?: News surfaced in the UK that meat from the offspring of cloned cows ended up in the food supply last year. Food products from cloned animals are supposed to "pass a safety evaluation and gain authorization before they are marketed in Europe." Additionally, genetically modified canola was spotted growing wild along roadsides in North Dakota, an "unprecedented" escape into the wild of GMOs. via BBC News and the Cornucopia Institute READ MORE

White Bread Is a Loser, Lay’s Localwashes, Bittman’s Plastic Shard Soup Conundrum

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Carnivore Job Discrimination, Nose-Candy Candies, Extremely Caloric Travesties

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Chef Fight Club, Despicable Infant Formula, Haute Bong Tokage

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Dudes Dissin’ Dude Food, Wolfgang Smurf, Badass Pastry Chef Advice

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