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Loveless Indeed

As with most of my trip, I was (obviously) taking a minor road. I discovered to my delight that you can go 60 miles per hour on lots of secondary and even tertiary roads down here. There’s just no reason to take freeways. READ MORE

Still Holed Up in Alabama

I spent a couple more days in Florence, Alabama, writing and trying not to eat anything noteworthy. On a wild compulsion, I had dinner at Grille 360, the revolving concrete monstrosity lurking far above my hotel. READ MORE

Attempted Culinary Seclusion

As I said in my last report, it was clearly time to quit while I was ahead and get out of Chattanooga. READ MORE

I Heart Chattanooga

Energized from yesterday’s change of heart, I kicked into high gear. Today was quite a ride. I can’t believe I did all the following in one day … but I did. It’s a testament to the chowconnaissance strategy of taking only tiny bites, painful though it i READ MORE

Cheerfully Chowhounding Chattanooga

For logistical reasons, I wound up, against all desires and impulses, staying in Chattanooga another day. I visited the famous Tennessee Aquarium, where I was charmed by show-offish otters and fluorescent jellyfish. READ MORE

Downtown Chattanooga: Chowhound Hell

Downtown Chattanooga is a gleaming, neon-hued strip of slick eateries that look like chains but have names I don’t recognize. At first I thought they were regional chains unfamiliar to me, but then I started to notice they all look as if they were designe READ MORE

Back-to-Back Scores in the Middle of Nowhere

Ravenous from skipping supper last night, I did a double breakfast in Asheville, trying two places touted on First I hit the hippy-dippy Sunny Point Cafe (625 Haywood Road, Asheville, North Carolina; 828-252-0055). READ MORE

Biltmore Blueblood Blues (Plus Barbecue)

Lots of people love Asheville, and it’s on the way to Tennessee, so I stopped in to check it out. I found a town with a profound identity crisis, equal parts hippie artists, rural North Carolinians, and yuppies. READ MORE

Great Beer, So-So Antelope, and the ParkingHounds’ Big Debut

I’d strafed Winston-Salem while heading eastward from the mountains a few days ago, just hitting the town’s southern fringes. Now, heading west toward Tennessee, I’ve stayed downtown to plumb what I’d heard described as a chowhounding desert. READ MORE

Fried Chicken, Frozen Custard, and Barbecue

Great fried chicken in Raleigh, authentic frozen custard at the Raleigh Farmer’s Market, and barbecue in East Goldsboro with depth and complexity. READ MORE