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Wine Geek Boat Trip

After a day of swirling, spitting, and grasping for just the right flavor adjectives, today Jack and Thelma announced we’d be doing champagne brunch on a boat. READ MORE

Bordeaux Out to Here

Today I’m at the home of my friends Jack and Thelma, who really know how to throw a party. READ MORE

Body by Jim, Plus Astounding Ecuadorian Railroad Pizza

I’m at T-minus 24 hours to winetasting. Oh, I didn’t tell you: Tomorrow I’ll be drinking glass after glass of priceless Bordeaux atop a mountain in New Hampshire. READ MORE

Fun in Bethel, Serious Scores in New Haven

Kristie and April, troublemakers in the idyllic (and oh-so-chowy) little town of Bethel, Connecticut, wanted to take me for my first clam chowder as I headed north. READ MORE

Seafood Shacks: A Plan of Attack

Back home in New York City for a few days, surprised to see trees a different color than they were at my August departure. READ MORE

Bourbon Redux

Bourbon fans may have been disappointed by the lack of serious bourbon talk in these last few reports. The following podcast—long but informative—is for them. JB and I ramble on and on, running down what we’ve drunk and what we’ve learned … READ MORE

Madly in Love with Maxine’s

Any breakfast that includes mashed potatoes can’t be all bad. And while nothing at Stephen Foster Restaurant (503 W. Stephen Foster Avenue, Bardstown, Kentucky; 502-348-5076) will light your heart on fire, I did find their buffet charming. READ MORE

The Greatest (Chowhounding) Story Ever Told

This morning we took a great tour of Four Roses Distillery (1224 Bonds Mill Road, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky; 502-839-3436), which makes some of my favorite bourbons. READ MORE

Barrels, Barrels, Everywhere

What says “fun” more than a barrel-rolling competition? Consider us your go-to source for up-to-the-minute reports on this burgeoning sport. READ MORE

So Where’s the Bourbon?

After the dramatic “balloon glow,” I set out to do what I thought would be an easy thing: find a place to sip a good bourbon in Bardstown, Kentucky, the hometown of Kentucky bourbon, on the eve of the Kentucky Bourbon festival. READ MORE