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Vacation Tamales

A hearty south-of-the-border “Hola” from here in sunny Mexico, where, resplendent in cheap sunglasses, I’m about to hunker down for a vacation week spent entirely prone on sand. READ MORE

Chow Tour Redux (or, Lots and Lots of Millet)

I’ve been back home for a while now, steaming millet, leeks, and organic Swiss chard, and generally recovering. It’s time to wrap up nine weeks on the road, and to account for nearly 8,000 miles driven (plus many more flown) and several hundred restaurant READ MORE

The Enchanted Misty Mountain of Tea and Excrement

After several days spent unbudgingly horizontal, I’ve segued from my slimming diet of Gatorade and Pedialyte to a heartier regimen of BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast). READ MORE

Big Dog Down

A horrendous stomach flu is ravaging the West Coast, and my digestive tract is ground zero. READ MORE

Adopted by Fijians, Moved by Koreans, and a Defense of Apple Pan

It’s showtime at Fiji Market (10305 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, California; 310-559-9218). READ MORE

Chowus Interruptus En Route to L.A.

We’re off to California! Swimmin’ pools! Movie stars! (cue banjo music). The goal had been to more or less do the continent in a little over two months, but that proved impossible. I couldn’t move faster than I did and still find finds. READ MORE

Magical Lebanese Time Portal Bakery

Boulangerie Zaatar (151 rue de Castelnau Est, Montreal, Quebec; 514-274-4775) may be the find of the week. To all appearances, it’s a generic little Middle Eastern bakery. The owner, a sad-eyed older Lebanese gentleman, keeps an extremely low profile. READ MORE

Astounding Macrobiotic (Not a Typo!)

Aux Vivres (4631 Boulevard St. Laurent, Montreal; 514-842-3479) is both macrobiotic and enormously delicious. That’s a radical statement, I know. READ MORE

Refreshed Troops Wallow in French Fries

This was a day of transition, as one group of overfed, exhausted, cranky chowhound friends headed home and was replaced by fresh, zippy, happy eaters. READ MORE

A Meal in Pitch Blackness

I thought I’d read somewhere that this hotel had an 80-foot water slide. This was a huge draw for all of us, particularly Joel, who had his heart set on splashy fun. READ MORE