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Portland, We’ll Miss You!

We’ve survived Portland without getting run over by bicycles. And given how much food/drink there is in this city, we could have risked our lives for a few more weeks and still had more to cover. A big highlight was Gabriel Rucker’s food at Le Pigeon—surprising, fun, and served in a really approachable space. It was no surprise to see that he was just nominated for a James Beard Award for Rising Star Chef.


CHOW Tour Portland: Sandwich Town

Portland is a town where you can find an impressive sandwich lurking around nearly every corner at places like Meat Cheese Bread, Bunk, and Big-Ass Sandwiches. We visit two places making ultra-handmade ingredients for their sandwiches, starting at Kenny & Zuke's, one of the only spots in the country making old-school pastrami from start to finish, and putting it in a damn fine Reuben. Then we go to Olympic Provisions and chat with resident salumist Elias Cairo and get an excellent salami sandwich, made even more awesome with a liberal smear of butter. WATCH THE VIDEO

CHOW Tour Portland: Asian Small Plates

We've written about some of the great Asian restaurants in Portland like Ha VL, where we ate amazing pho ga, and Biwa, with its subterranean izakaya vibe and tender grilled chicken hearts. For this video, we checked in with two more chefs doing their own twists on Asian small plates. WATCH THE VIDEO

Green Bean Sandwich: Surprisingly Good

It may not be obvious from our Portland chocolate video, but David Briggs makes his chocolates in the back of the southeast Portland sandwich shop Meat Cheese Bread. Convenient for us, since we had MCB on our list of places to eat. READ MORE

Skewered Hearts and Shochu at Biwa

While filming our video on cocktails, Evan Zimmerman told us about an izakaya called Biwa that many PDX bartenders frequent. It’s a pretty cool space: You walk down from the street level into a basement-vibe concrete room that’s warmed up with lots of wood seating, partitions, and a bar. READ MORE

CHOW Tour Portland: A Chocolate Wonderland

CHOW Tour Handmade Portland Chocolate Artisanal food producers are thriving in Portland, from microdistilleries to jam makers. Here we focus on the city's chocolate-making scene, starting with David Briggs's Xocolatl de David, then visiting Faith Dionne's kitchen, where she produces bars for her company Bees & Beans. WATCH THE VIDEO

Cozying Up to the Fire at Ned Ludd

Walking into Ned Ludd is a little like walking into someone’s super-tricked-out barn. There are high exposed-wood ceilings, funky old brass chandeliers, and earthy colors everywhere. Except, that is, for the lime green wall where the heart of the restaurant resides: a wood-burning oven in which Jason French cooks all the food on the menu. Really, all the food: They don’t have a stove, just a couple of portable burners in the back that they use to do a few things like boil water. READ MORE

An Eastside Portland Chowhound Crawl

The Portland Chowhound board is a great resource for figuring out what restaurants to eat at on a trip, and I had fun meeting up with one of the contributors, Bertha Pearl, a.k.a. cheeseisheaven, to check out a few of her favorite eastside Portland places to eat. READ MORE

CHOW Tour Portland: Barrels, Booze, and Blowtorches

CHOW Tour Handmade Portland Cocktails Portland has one of the most creative cocktail scenes in the country. We visit two of the (many!) talented bartenders in the city, starting with Evan Zimmerman of Laurelhurst Market, who brings a blowtorch to the party, then checking in with Jeffrey Morgenthaler of Clyde Common, who started the trend of barrel-aging cocktails in his secret bartender's bat cave. READ MORE

CHOW Tour Portland: Put an Egg on It

CHOW Tour Handmade Portland Brunch Video Portland is obsessed with brunch. We investigate why at Tasty n Sons, and ask John Gorham (Toro Bravo) why he opened a brunch joint, then we check out his small-plates menu of egg-on-top dishes. Next we go to Pine State Biscuits for the Reggie experience. That's a biscuit with fried chicken, bacon, cheese, and cream-sausage gravy. Oh yes. WATCH THE VIDEO

French Croissant, Meet the Oregon Croissant

The question is not who recommended we go to Ken’s Artisan Bakery, it’s who didn’t. Ken Forkish’s bakery in northwest Portland is the predecessor of his famous pizza place, Ken’s Artisan Pizza, and it is home to fresh and excellent pastries. READ MORE

Laid-Back Fun at Le Pigeon

We went to Gabriel Rucker’s French restaurant Le Pigeon knowing it was going to be a good meal (we were accompanied by Andrea Slonecker, executive director of the Portland Culinary Alliance, who had mentioned it was a favorite of hers). But I didn’t expect it to be so fun and surprising to eat there—perhaps because the menu is written so simply, I was picturing uncomplicated, homey French preparations, but each dish that came out had a twist. READ MORE

CHOW Tour Portland: Land of the Food Cart

CHOW Tour Handmade Portland Food Carts Portland's food carts are infamous, and offer overwhelming choice. If there's something you want to eat in the city, you can find it on a cart. We visited many carts, but we could only film with two, so we went with a couple of carts serving food we've never seen anywhere else. WATCH THE VIDEO

Sour Ales at Cascade Brewing

Cascade Brewing makes some of my favorite domestically produced sour ales, so visiting their tasting room was at the top of my to-do list in Portland. Some highlights:

• Glueh Kriek: A sour cherry ale served warm after being mulled with spices and wild flower honey. It was the ideal rainy day beer.


The Ubiquitous Portland Food Cart Scene

We could only shoot with two carts for our video segment (coming soon!), but there are hundreds of other great carts to eat at in Portland, so we tried to stop at as many as possible along our trip. A few favorites we hit downtown were: READ MORE

Breakfast Noodles Where Portland’s Chefs Eat

Many of Portland’s finest chefs, like Andy Ricker of Pok Pok/Whiskey Soda Lounge and John Gorham of Toro Bravo/Tasty n Sons, told us that one of their favorite spots to grab breakfast is a Vietnamese restaurant called Ha VL, purveyor of labor-intensive homemade noodle soups. So we listened up and went to eat a bowl of 8 a.m. noodles. READ MORE

Portland: We Have You in Our Sights

Portland, Oregon, has the DIY scene down when it comes to food, so we are looking forward to heading north and filming for the CHOW Tour: Handmade.

We’re going to check out the cocktail scene (where bartenders are making everything from smoked ice to their own tonic water), as well as the booming microdistillery trend. Rad sandwiches will be on the bill, as we bring you a look at how local salumi and corned beef is being made.

And of course we’ll film some of the top-notch food trailers. Should it be the homemade poutine at Potato Champion? English muffins at Brunch Box? Let us know which ones you think do the best homemade foods and we’ll try to get them on board!