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Now in Malden Center: Biryani Park’s Food Truck

gimlis1mum reported this week that Biryani Park has a food truck. For now, it parks near Malden Center, about two miles west of the restaur... READ MORE

Bergamot in Somerville: Great Food, Small Portions

Bergamot, the successor to EVOO in Somerville, has been a Chowhound favorite since it opened in 2010. But recent reports queston the portio... READ MORE

More Than Just Soft-Serve at Celebrity Pizza in Watertown

Hounds know Celebrity Pizza in Watertown for its soft-serve ice cream, but StriperGuy tried the fried clams recently and thought they were ... READ MORE

Boston’s Best Lobster Rolls

Boston’s Best Lobster Rolls

Like a lot of us who live nowhere near New England, Chowhounds in Greater Boston are passionate about summer’s quintessential shore food, the lobster roll: succulent hunks of the clawed crustacean mixed with celery, dressed with mayo, and heaped into a toasted and buttered bun. And while you could certainly argue that the nation’s best lobster rolls are a specialty of Maine, there’s no doubt that Boston hounds spend a lot of time debating the merits of their city’s finest. Here are seven, listed alphabetically, from within a 5-mile radius of downtown Boston, that CHOW readers have talked about in the past six months (click the links to find out more). Want to share your own opinions? Jump into a discussion on the Boston Chowhound board. And if you’d like to try your hand at lobster rolls, check out this recipe from the CHOW Test Kitchen. Happy summer! READ MORE

Boston’s Best Skinny French Fries

Plenty of restaurants serve fries, but hounds who prefer their fries thin and crisp have some very specific go-to spots. Several burger jo... READ MORE

There’s More Than Banh Mi at Boston’s Ba Le Bakery

Ba Le Bakery in Dorchester has great banh mi, but there's plenty of other interesting stuff too. "Many of the snacks are unique Hue/Cent... READ MORE

Boston-Area Bars with Good Bites

It's date night, and you're looking for a cold drink and some first-rate snacks at some comfortable pub. Where to turn? Jenny Ondioline ... READ MORE

Surprising Lunch at Boston’s Sail Loft

After spending an afternoon roaming around the North End, hounda ended up at the Sail Loft, pleasantly surprised. "It's an old place," houn... READ MORE

M3 in Somerville: Good Southern Dishes, Prickly Heat

M3, the newest arrival in Davis Square, is generating positive hound reviews both for its Southern dishes and the restaurant as a whole. F... READ MORE

New England Classics, Controversial Appetizers at the Continental

The Continental in Saugus won't win any awards for innovation. It's like "going back 30 years in time," albinoni says. "But, with the excep... READ MORE