Stork’s apple strudel hits the sweet spot for ZenFoodist. Excellent pastry, flaky yet elastic, encloses a perfectly sweet and cinnamon-y filling. “I’ve had my fair share of strudels and was duly impressed,” ZenFoodist says.

Stork’s, an old-school Queens bakery with German roots, sure made believers of the crowd at ZenFoodist’s kid’s recent birthday party. Topped with vanilla ice cream, the strudel was “a religious experience,” one guest said. ZenFoodist, a lifelong regular at Stork’s, had seen the place slip a bit in recent years. This time, she says, “Stork’s redeemed itself.”

Stork’s Pastry Shop [Whitestone]
12-42 150th Street (at 12th Road), Whitestone, Queens

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