KitchenAid has good-looking new salad (and fruit) spinner. The spinner body is divided up with inserts, so you can spin lots of different stuff at the same time. It’s plunger operated, and the plunger locks down for storage. It holds 6 quarts, and makes a nice bowl, too.

OXO is the perennial favorite salad spinner. Almost everyone loves their basic large spinners. If space is a consideration, they have a mini-spinner that works well for smaller portions, and for drying herbs.

Tips for spinning your salad: to get most of the water spun out of the contents, Malik says to get it spinning fast, and then stop it, and then repeat a few times. Spinning and stopping shifts the greens around, and gets rid of more water. cheryl h suggests emptying the water from the bowl midway through the process, tossing the greens to reposition them, and spinning once more. She says this gets every bit of water off the greens.

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