The siren call of the Outer Sunset lures surfers and foodies alike to this land of laid-back good eats alongside the foggy coastline. Like much of the Sunset and its across-the-park neighbor, the Richmond District, the Outer Sunset is known for excellent Asian restaurants and food shops.

Old Mandarin Islamic [Outer Sunset]
3132 Vicente Street, San Francisco

This Chinese Muslim restaurant won raves in several Chowhound threads. Hounds recommend all things lamb, including Mandarin (cumin) lamb, spareribs, dumplings, and hot pot. All of these dishes are great, says Civil Bear.

Toyose [Outer Sunset]
3814 Noriega Street, San Francisco

“A gem,” declares Thomas Nash, who says you can find great fried chicken and seafood stews in this Korean restaurant, which has an ambiance reminiscent of bars in Seoul.

The Pizza Place on Noriega [Outer Sunset]
3901 Noreiga Street, San Francisco

DavidT says the vegan pizza is surprisingly good, while Pandora swears by the Italian subs on offer at lunch.

Dumpling Kitchen [Outer Sunset]
1935 Taraval Street, San Francisco

In a thread from earlier this year, singleguychef praised the flavor of the xiao long bao soup broth, which was “much more floral or fragrant” than usual. SteveG said the Shanghai-style rice cake noodles were the best in the city, “with plenty of savory wok hay.”

Kingdom of Dumpling [Outer Sunset]
1713 Taraval Street, San Francisco

Among some hounds, Kingdom of Dumpling gets the highest marks in the city for its delicate-skinned xiao long bao. Those dumplings, along with the restaurant’s green beans, got Cecelia‘s vote for most addictive Chinese dish in San Francisco.

Outerlands [Outer Sunset]
4001 Judah Street, San Francisco

tranewreck describes Outerlands as “[m]y go-to place,” noting that the café is now selling loaves of its natural-rise bread. sugartoof thinks the restaurant is “a little bit hip, a little bit hippie,” with healthy ingredients, much-lauded bread, and a well-executed if idiosyncratic menu created by Brett Cooper, formerly of Coi and Saison.

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