Overheard on the Boston Board

"I had the Desayuno al Estilo Pueblo Viejo, which had tender mildly seasoned flap meat served with the eggs on top, blended Salvadoran beans, a huge amount of mild crema, fried plantain, two thick gorditas, and rice. All in all [it was] fresh, satisfying, and tasty, just don't expect a huge breakfast menu." – itaunas on a great East Boston breakfast at Pueblo Viejo Mexican Grill

"I had something called a Cinnamon Smoke. This was fun. ... The bartender takes a cinnamon stick, and puts it on a piece of slate on the bar, then he lights it on fire. Once it's flaming, he blows out the flame, and quickly puts my cocktail glass upside down on the now-smoking cinnamon stick. While the glass is smoking he mixes my drink, which was somewhat sweet and rum based. Then he pours it into the smoky glass." – ChinaCat reporting back on drinks at Clio as part of a very successful Boston cocktail crawl

"Our first course was an edamame salad, with chopped mustard greens, apples, and a lemon-ginger dressing. Strange for an ostensibly Chinese restaurant (salads are entirely absent from Chinese cuisine), but the salads at East by Northeast have been among my favorite dishes every time I visit. This edamame salad continued that trend—light, refreshing, and addictive, it was my favorite dish of the meal. I would buy the dressing if it came in a bottle." – lipoff's review of a delicious brunch salad at East by Northeast

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