SugarHound has great things to say about Loukoumaki, a new Greek bakery in Arlington. On a recent visit, she sampled karithopita (a honey-walnut spice cake), ravani (a denser version of sponge cake, made with semolina), and coconut cluster cookies. The cookies were SugarHound’s favorite. “The outside of the cookie is harder, and then the inside is softer with a texture more like a coconut macaroon,” SugarHound says.

Swankalicious also likes what she’s tried so far—a slab of spinach pie with a “piping hot, flaky crust.” However, she warns that the atmosphere is discombobulating (there’s no place to sit, no milk to add to coffee). “Hopefully they’ll spiffy up their set-up since the pie was quite tasty,” says Swankalicious.

Loukoumaki Bakery [Arlington]
916 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington

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