Most enthusiastic home cooks have dreamed about casting aside their day jobs in favor of a kitchen career. But the disadvantages of working in a restaurant (lousy pay, grueling physical demands, very ugly pants) chase away all those but the determined or the desperate.

But there is another option, says the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in an article about personal chefs. These cooks typically shop for, make, and deliver custom-made meals that can be frozen and then nuked by the presumably busy professionals in the market for such services.

The job’s hardly a goldmine. The personal chefs quoted in the story quoted rather modest rates; the most expensive charges $375 for five meals for a family of four. That works out to $75 per meal for the whole gang, not a huge amount considering that it covers the cost of food and the labor of shopping for and then preparing said food. But considering that the chefs have exceedingly low overhead (most work out of their clients’ kitchens), they must find a way to make it work.

Interested? There are a whole bunch of professional associations that can provide more information. There’s also this neat blog from a personal chef in Los Angeles, and she talks about her job a lot.

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