The brand-new Maison Giraud is great for lunch, reports foodiemahoodie. A first visit yielded a “light, fresh, flavorful” vegetable pistou soup and perfectly cooked trout amandine with haricots verts. The trout was fresh, and the haricots verts—which were sourced from the farmers’ market that morning—were hugely flavorful.

Though recently opened, the place is already doing brisk business. For some meals, the restaurant is packed, and a line of people waiting for a table forms outside.

If you’re looking to end your meal with cannelés, plan ahead. foodiemahoodie got there early for lunch, but by dessert time, the restaurant had run out of the cakes. “[G]ive them a few weeks to gear up for demand,” foodiemahoodies says. “Or call first.”

Maison Giraud [Westside – Beaches]
1032 Swarthmore Avenue, Pacific Palisades

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