SoupNoodles thinks Zin is underrated. And great. Their take on the all-but-compulsory heirloom tomato salad is called “Tomato, tomato, tomato.” It consists of two thick, seasoned slices of tomato–one deep red and one yellow–topped with a salad of frisee greens, tiny pear-shaped tomatoes, and caramelized bacon bits. And then on top of that is…a slice of fried green tomato.

Duck breast is served actually, genuinely rare, upon request. It comes with blackberry-brandy sauce and seasoned grits. And the chocolate pie is stunning.

Chocolate pie is gross normally, right? A glop of pudding in a pastry shell, topped with canned whipped topping? Nope, not here. This pie is full of smooth chocolate and topped with lightly charred marshmallow, in a graham cracker-crumb crust. It’s haute cuisine s’mores.

Zin Restaurant & Wine Bar [Sonoma County]
344 Center St., Healdsburg

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