abstractpoet reports that Wonder Food Bakery in Oakland ranks at the top of his list for “old man cakes,” or lao gong bing. Racking your brain to figure out what lao gong bing are? Don’t worry—there’s an excellent primer in abstractpoet’s post.

In short, old man cakes seem like a savory counterpart to sweet lao po bing, or wife cakes, which are traditionally filled with winter melon–almond paste. The masculine version is filled with barbecued roast pork and some type of nut—walnut, abstractpoet thinks. The baker tops the flaky pastry with a sprinkling of sesame seeds, and at just $1.35 for five cakes, it’s so cheap that it falls somewhere between “extreme bargain” and “free” on the cheapskate scale.

The pineapple bun, served ultrafresh and still warm, is another recommended item at Wonder Food Bakery.

Wonder Food Bakery [East Bay]
340 Ninth Street, Oakland

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