Garlic mashed potatoes are a popular twist on the standard side dish, but the best way to prepare the garlic is a matter of taste.

Many hounds love mixing their mashed with the sweet, concentrated flavor of garlic that’s been roasted until soft.

Others prefer to boil the aromatic along with the spuds. “Roasting gives the garlic a more complex flavor, which I think is at odds with the simplicity of mashed potatoes,” says RealMenJulienne. “Boiling just mellows [its] sharpness and makes it easy to mash.” Adding garlic to a pot of potatoes also allows them to infuse with its flavor as they cook, says mariacarmen.

You can also choose to cook the garlic briefly—or not at all. noodlepoodle melts butter, grates in a clove using a Microplane, and sautés the garlic briefly in the butter before incorporating with the potatoes. “I like a hint of garlic and that works well for me,” says noodlepoodle. Another option: esquimeaux simply minces garlic and mashes it in raw. “People seem to love it,” esquimeaux says.

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