How are the 1 percent eating while the 99 percent are clashing with riot police? Very well, thank you. In the US, they’re brunching on $2,500 ostrich egg omelets and learning how to cook with truffles. In the UK, they’re eating Stilton made of gold.

The latter comes courtesy of Long Clawson Dairy, a Leicestershire company “well-known,” according to its website, “for its quality and innovation in Stilton and Blended Cheese Markets.” This “new after dinner luxury” is “made from premium white Stilton, and is shot-through [sic] with a combination of real edible gold leaf, and real gold-Cinnamon Schapps [sic].” Although it’s targeted at “the rich and famous,” a 100-gram slice can be yours for £60. Loosely translated, that’s about three ounces for about $94, or just a tick over $501 per pound.

A spokeswoman for Long Clawson told The Independent that “for confidentiality reasons I can’t publicly identify the people who have inquired about our Clawson Stilton Gold, but suffice to say, they are all very well known…. We’re being contacted by some very important and well-heeled people.”

While the spokeswoman went on to describe the cheese as Britain’s “blingiest,” she offered no description of its flavor—presumably because the taste of class hatred is fairly indescribable.

Image source: Long Clawson Dairy

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