These days, many people avoid anything made with raw eggs for fear that the eggs are contaminated and could cause illness. But if you’ve sourced great farm-fresh ones and are confident about their quality, you can still enjoy dishes that benefit from the richness and texture that eggs impart when they’re left uncooked.

For instance, some condiments—like a classic Caesar salad dressing, or mayonnaise and its garlicky cousin, aioli—rely on the emulsifying properties of raw yolks for their creamy consistency and fresh flavor, which makes them superior to the commercial versions.

Or, incorporated quickly into hot grains, eggs add a luscious texture. A dish that evokes childhood memories for BigSal is tamago gohan, or raw egg mixed with soy sauce and stirred into hot white rice. It’s “Japanese comfort food,” she says.

Raw eggs are also a key ingredient in some traditional beverages. A Ramos gin fizz, which gets its frothiness from a well-shaken egg white, is “delicious,” says porker. There’s also real, homemade eggnog, which, it turns out, many hounds really love.

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