What’s a good savory cake to make for birthday boys and girls who aren’t big on sweets?

wyogal makes a cheesecake that follows a traditional recipe but forgoes the sugar. Then she adds in unexpected flavors. “Swirl in pureed/strained chipotle in adobo sauce,” wyogal says. “Serve with a topping made from jalapeños and mangos (add sugar to that, sweet but hot). One could use a tortilla crumb crust. (Or crushed Ritz crackers). You could also try salmon, bleu cheese, French onion, really endless options.”

It turns out that there are many savory cheesecake recipes out there. “A restaurant near me makes a savory Dungeness crab cheesecake that is just wonderful,” says Sushiqueen36. And Emme highly recommends ricotta cheesecake “studded simply with some onions, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes … served with a balsamic sauce and some candied olives for garnish.”

The very idea of savory cakes makes chef chicklet think of polenta. “Perhaps small cakes or muffins, maybe fried triangles, served with herbs like chive, rosemary and fresh basil with a side of marinara,” chef chicklet says.

Then there are the desserts that are salty but look like they’d be sweet. “You could do a meat-flavored aspic, or jellied consomme, in a large ring mold,” says 512window. “Once unmolded, it would look like cake and could be sliced like cake.” Or do as seamunky suggests and make “a round meatloaf cake ‘frosted’ with mashed potatoes. Use ketchup to write the birthday message.”

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