Cheese curds are supposed to have a squeaky feel as they’re being chewed. But if yours no longer sing because they’ve been, say, sitting in the fridge too long, all is not lost.

“To revive the squeak, pop them into the microwave for a few (and I mean a FEW) seconds,” says sunshine842. “They squeak when they’re warm, according to a Wisconsin cheesemaker who shared the tip with me.” And note that nuking for between 5 and 15 seconds is plenty, says sunshine842, “or you end up with curds melted all over the place … not that I’d know about that.”

freia loves nothing more than a “fresh, salty, squeaky cheese curd. … Good to know I can do CPR on these and enjoy them as nature intended.”

And a clever culinary solution when you end up with melty cheese curds: Make a poutine. “[P]ut some fresh french fries underneath, then top with hot chicken gravy,” FrankD says. “You won’t even notice if the curds are melty.”

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