Infomaniac recently enjoyed some tasty Dominican pig’s feet plates at La Fe Restaurant and D’leomar in Lynn. Now Infomaniac has a bit of a “foot fetish,” and is looking for other restaurant suggestions in Boston that serve any kind of feet—he is open to trying cow, lamb, pig, or chicken.

For Chinese versions of pig’s feet, 9lives suggests checking out MuLan, while galangatron recommends Mary Chung Restaurant for the hung shao pig feet and Taiwan Café for the braised pig feet.

When it comes to nonpork options, StriperGuy and galangatron both like the paya (Pakistani goat foot soup) at Darbar in Brighton. Chicken and duck options abound, but galangatron specifically recommends the yum-lep-mua-nang (Thai spicy chicken feet salad) at Montien and the boneless duck feet with jellyfish at Best Little Restaurant, both in Chinatown.

La Fe Restaurant [North Shore]
189 Union Street, Lynn

D’leomar [North Shore]
228 Union Street, Lynn

MuLan [Kendall Square]
228 Broadway, Cambridge

Mary Chung Restaurant [Central Square]
460 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Taiwan Café [Chinatown]
34 Oxford Street, Boston

Darbar Restaurant [Brighton]
130 N. Beacon Street, Boston

Montien Thai Restaurant [Chinatown]
63 Stuart Street, Boston

Best Little Restaurant [Chinatown]
13-A Hudson Street, Boston

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