Hounds are getting excited about Max and Leo’s, a new pizza option in Newton Corner. The pizza is cooked in a 900-degree coal oven, and hyde thinks the result is perfect. “Fans at the top of the shaft pull excess heat off so the tops don’t scorch before the bottom can get a nice char,” he says. His pizza had some dark bits but was still foldable.

JoJo5 tried the L’Enza pie, which is topped with tomato sauce, Italian sausage, wild mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese. “Leo took great care to continuously turn the pizza so that it was evenly charred on all edges,” JoJo5 writes. “Haven’t seen that care taken in a long time.” Other hounds also liked the L’Enza. “I was impressed that it survived a 10-minute car ride and still had a crispy bottom crust when we got home,” says stomachofsteel.

lipoff is a fan of the L’Umina pie, a white pizza with sliced pears, caramelized onions, basil, and ricotta cheese that’s topped with freshly sliced prosciutto. “With a little sprinkle of hot pepper flakes the contrast between the heat of the pepper flakes and the sweetness of the honey drizzle is revelatory,” he says.

JoJo5 cautions that the shop itself is tiny—with only a few stools and two small tables, she thinks Max and Leo’s will end up relying on takeout business. lipoff agrees that the space is small but thinks it’s still “cute enough for a date.”

Max and Leo’s Artisan Pizza [Newton]
325 Washington Street, Newton

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