Pho-licious is a standout new restaurant in the surprisingly Vietnamese noodle–starved Arcadia, and WildSwede is singing its praises. “This really is pho-licious!” WildSwede says. “You can tell that the best quality ingredients are used as well as a lot of love. These people take pride in what they do.” The broth is awesome, dreamcast18 adds.

The owners, Kristin and Henry, used to own the now-defunct Reyn Pho. But the word’s already out about their new restaurant, says WildSwede, because even though it’s only been open a month,  the place is already packed. And yet, WildSwede says, the noodle shop provides wonderful, friendly service.

Among WildSwede’s favorites on the menu: filet mignon pho, with “succulent, tender beef in a delicious broth.” There’s also a chicken pho, and even a vegetarian version for non-meat-eaters (there are also a few additional vegetarian options).

Pho-licious [San Gabriel Valley]
528 E. Live Oak Avenue, Arcadia

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