If you haven’t tried the hound-celebrated Kobe sukiyaki at Takashi, you’re out of luck—it’s been dropped from the rotation at this downtown Japanese grill. But kathryn says it’s been replaced by something even better: a marbled chuck flat steak of Oregon-raised Kobe beef. Marinated in garlic and sesame oil, it’s grilled tableside, sliced, and served with lemon, wasabi, and soy sauce. “Incredibly beautiful piece of meat,” says kathryn. This is a pricey pleasure at $30 for six ounces, but it’s top-quality beef from an elite supplier, and she finds it well worth the splurge. Look for it among the specials.

You can also look for further surprises and inventions from the chef, Takashi Inoue, who “wants to mix up the menu a lot more,” kathryn adds. Coming soon, she says, is a Kobe beef sausage. And the newest special at Takashi (a stop on last year’s CHOW Tour) is a gift to chocolate-loving carnivores: a foie gras–stuffed Kobe beef hamburger with chocolate-infused sauce, served with a fried egg.

Takashi [West Village]
456 Hudson Street (between Barrow and Morton streets), Manhattan

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