Overheard on the Boston Board

"Two long, slender eggplants, slashed nearly through at about 1.5-inch intervals, with the slashes stuffed with ground pork; the whole thing fried and sauced with a garlicky sauce and some finely diced sweet peppers. We couldn't stop raving about how terrific it was, even as we wolfed it down. Don't know how we managed to miss this addition to the menu for a year, but it's definitely going to be on the 'keeper' roster!" – Allstonian on the sizzling eggplant in pork and garlic sauce at Shanghai Gate

"I had the chorizo con huevo burrito there recently after several months of avoiding a place I previously ate at at least once a week. ... The chorizo and egg in the burrito amounted to about a spoonful and while the familiar taste was there, the portion was so meager that it didn't really provide a consistent taste throughout. ... The crema is gone, and the tortilla showed no signs of griddling. And no red sauce either." – chickendhansak's disheartening review of Aguacate Verde in Somerville (formerly Tacos Lupita)

"My other go-to for cocktail fixings is Bauer on Newbury, which has a well-considered selection and knowledgeable staff. My first allspice dram, creme violette, akvavit, green Chartreuse [were] all bought there. It was the first place I went to when I started getting into mixing drinks, and I'm grateful for the help of Howie and his associates over the years." – marais on Bauer Wines and Spirits in Back Bay

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