Colonial Kitchen’s menu ranges from good to very good, but according to Will Owen, the restaurant also serves the best tuna melt he’s ever had.

“The buttery grilled sourdough was crisp and tender, and the tuna salad filling had the exactly perfect balance of tuna and other stuff, which included some chopped egg—not sloppy but not dry either, so it neither drooled onto the plate nor was it the least bit chewy,” he says. “Rounding out this splendid meal was the best potato salad I’ve had that I didn’t make: obviously hand-cut, perfectly done potato, good mayonnaise and just a hint of pickle, maybe some onion. Nothing fancy in the least, but perfectly executed.”

And it’s priced right: The sandwich, potato salad, and a decent pickle spear will only set you back $8.45.

Colonial Kitchen Restaurant [San Gabriel Valley]
1110 Huntington Drive, San Marino

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