Studio City residents are buzzing about the new restaurant Risotto. The word is: delicious food, healthy portions, and affordable prices–with $7 corkage!

Ravioli all’aragosta (lobster with goat and ricotta cheeses) is a star of the menu, says Das Ubergeek, with tons of lobster and just the right tang from the cheese in the well-made ravioli. The sauce is spicy tomato.

Fillet of sole and sea bass are fabulous, adds Chow Bella. Also recommended: risotto ai gamberi (with perfectly cooked shrimp), fork-tender filet, and rabbit. That rabbit was apparently dry when Daily News critic Larry Lipson visited, but maybelle found it just as tender as can be.

There’s a better-than-average selection of wines by the glass; Das Ubergeek likes their Ravenswood Lodi zinfandel that reeks of mold (as the waiter who offered it warned) but tastes divine–spicy, warm, woody, and jammy.

Dinner for two (no appetizers, one glass of wine, and one dessert) is about $50. Service is very good and there’s a lovely patio outside.

Risotto [East San Fernando Valley]
formerly Spumanti
12650 Ventura Blvd., Studio City

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