Wild varieties of mushrooms, along with brown creminis and their larger cousins, portobellos, get all the glory these days, but they shouldn’t. Widely available white button mushrooms are an excellent ingredient, and they perform well in recipes calling for more exotic varieties.

Chowhounds love this vegetarian take on classic bourguignon, which skips the beef and makes mushrooms the centerpiece. “I’ve done this recipe with both button mushrooms and portobellos and it tasted great both times,” says whitneybee.

Roasting is another great treatment for the supermarket staple. This dish featuring mushrooms in garlic and butter is a play on the classic pairing with escargot. It’s so good, DaisyM made it two nights in a row. And this recipe, with lots of fresh herbs and a dollop of sour cream, is a great showcase for mushrooms, says jennymoon.

A great way to add flavor to lots of foods is a classic duxelles, says escondido123. “Stash [it] in the freezer in small containers and you can later add [it] to all sorts of dishes—tuna noodle casserole, beef stew, any meat sauté to make a quick mushroom/wine pan sauce. You can get a real bang [for the buck] out of [it].”

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