Monte Alban, a Oaxacan restaurant in San Jose, drew acclaim from fans on the board this week. Calling it a “diamond in the rough,” Radical347 adored the pipian mole with chicken—a huge portion of poultry smothered in house-made pumpkin seed sauce. The rich, tender chicken “tasted like it had been poached in a stock,” the OP said. “There was just no room in the dish for any blandness to poke out.” And the price? Just $7.75. A $1.99 pupusa stuffed with pumpkin blossoms also won Radical347’s admiration.

zartemis echoed this praise and hopes that Monte Alban doesn’t suffer the same fate as Juquilita, where some opinionated diners overlook the excellent Oaxacan dishes and complain instead about the mediocre burritos and tacos.

Monte Alban [South Bay]
980 S. First Street, San Jose

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