CHOW Thanksgiving Dinner Coach iPhone App

Remember when you had to scramble to deal with Thanksgiving, scribbling menus and to-do lists on the backs of envelopes, dog-eared paycheck stubs, and your hand? All that stress made even experienced cooks dread the holidays. Now, instead of dreading, you can download.

CHOW’s Thanksgiving Dinner Coach app for iPhone lays out nine essential recipes, broken down into shopping lists, equipment needs, and clear cooking steps, each step fleshed out with an illustration about technique. There’s a shopping list feature that adjusts if you take a pass on any of the recipes, and best of all for procrastinators—or maybe just cooks prone to freezing up in the face of panic—a timeline that tells you what to do when.

Download our Thanksgiving Dinner Coach from the App Store. It’s free, and apart from the work it takes to wipe gravy smudges or buttery thumbprints from your iPhone, it promises to make a famously stressful day just about effortless.

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