escargot3 joined two friends for lunch at Sahn Maru Korean BBQ in Oakland after a long gap between visits. They loved the roasted barley tea, which was “a cut above average.” The banchan—a variety of small dishes including kimchi served throughout the meal—impressed the diners as well, with “crisp flavors, nicely balanced.” escargot3 liked the selection here better than the banchan served at Ohgane, another East Bay favorite that augustiner once called his “go-to spot for Korean food.”

Only the bibimbap disappointed because it wasn’t served in a cast iron pot with a layer of crispy browned rice on the bottom, as escargot3 expected. Order dolsot bibimbap for the stone bowl preparation, which isn’t available during the lunch rush.

Sahn Maru Korean BBQ [East Bay]
4315 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

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