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"Garlic harvests occur in July, and the growers let the garlic air dry until early August. That's the best time to purchase garlic. I usually buy a few pounds of it at our local garlic festival. I plant garlic in September from this stash and use the rest. I still see fresh, organic local garlic for sale at our Farmer's Market and in select top-end stores at this time of year, but most of the great stuff is gone to market and sold by now. Unfortunately. If I have 'old' garlic, I'll remove the center core before using it. If it's really old/desiccated, out it goes. Life is too short for old garlic!" – freia

"This is my sugar cereal guilty pleasure. I hate Trix, Lucky Charms, Cap'n Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, etc. ... but I can eat the hell out of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The feeling of biting through the tiny sodden pieces is so pleasurable, I can't explain it." – rohirette

"[O]ne time, out of recklessness, contrariness, or lagman fatigue, we ordered their Greek salad. It was not Greek salad, but a pile of shredded lettuce, tomato wedges, and crumbled mild farmer's cheese. But it was really good. Scattered all over it were these small, chewy, almost hard little cured meat strips. They were dark dark red, smooth, and funky/salty, more like a very dense prosciutto than like a flaky thready beef jerky. What are these things? Does anyone know? I want to order them in bulk and put them on everything." – ramonasaur on mysterious Uzbek meat treats

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