Babylon Restaurant in Lowell serves delicious Iraqi fare, and based on initial reports, service is exceptionally friendly. The restaurant opened over the summer, and at the time, lexpatti was particularly impressed with the grape leaves, describing them as “warm with a meat/rice filling, presented with an onion mix in the middle sprinkled with red curry throughout.”

Bob Dobalina likes the fattoush salad, which is “topped with slivers of pita and a good sprinkling of sumac.” He also recommends the chicken biryani (spelled beriyani on the menu), but cautions that it has a strong fried onion flavor, which some people love more than others. It’s served with pickled cauliflower and chopped dates. Bob Dobalina noticed that most other tables were ordering kebabs, though he hasn’t tried them yet.

No alcohol is served, but there’s great Arabic coffee, and the Iraqi tea is “pleasant [and] strong,” according to Bob Dobalina. hotoynoodle feels that the décor leaves something to be desired, but that the “food wins out.”

Babylon Restaurant [Merrimack Valley]
25 Merrimack Street, Lowell

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