A recent visit to Lenny’s Tropical Bakery on Blue Hill Avenue proved revelatory for Matt H. “Lenny’s is pretty much the only game in town for home baked Jamaican goods and patties,” he says. “And they seem to have taken their meat filling to the next level.”

Where to find this memorable meat filling? Inside the Jamaican beef patty, which Matt H ordered along with the bakery’s homemade coco bread (a sweet, chewy roll with a touch of coconut). The filling’s “fresh and not too heavy to draw away from the patty,” making for a well-balanced sandwich, Matt H says.

Despite the praise, Matt H wishes the meat were spicier, and suggests reheating the patties at home to get the crust even flakier. PaulB agrees that he’d prefer a patty with more zing, but he has only positive things to say about the coco bread. “Every restaurant should serve it instead of the commercial coco bread you can buy off the shelf.”

Lenny’s Tropical Bakery [Mattapan]
1195 Blue Hill Avenue, Mattapan

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