TonyC recently stopped in for a quick meal at Crispy Pork Gang, one of his longtime favorite Thai Town joints, and was surprised to find an extended menu there. It’s so good that “[a]ccording to the grapevine, Thais are deserting Hoy-Ka for Crispy Pork,” TonyC says.

There is now an abundance of seafood options, most of them under $18, TonyC says, but nonfish options are also worth a try. “While the cheap noodles are an instant draw, upon reflection, I must say the new-to-me spicy crispy pork fried rice was stupidly good,” he says.

soniabegonia adds that everything at Crispy Pork Gang is fresh, flavorful, and well-prepared. “Based on the quality of ingredients & bright flavors, Gang is the new favorite,” she says.

TonyC says it’s not hard to see why. “With careful vetting, it’d be very easy to come up with a proper Thai meal, featuring ass-kicking salads, calming soups, strong curries over rice to finish,” he says. “Heck, they even have tub wan for the offaly inclined.”

Crispy Pork Gang [Thai Town]
5253 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

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