“Is there a word for the creamy goo that seeps out around the edges of meatloaf while it is cooking?” wonders ketchupgirl. “It’s always my favorite part, and if it could be bottled up, I would be so happy!”

ketchupgirl is not alone. “I love that stuff too!” says mariacarmen. “Let’s call it ‘beurre de loaf.'”

But hounds have come up with lots of names for the wonderful stuff. bushwickgirl thinks it’s most appropriately called “tasty dipping sauce.” OldDog has two words for it: “gravy base.” And since it’s goo that oozes out of a meatloaf, greygarious suggests calling it “gooze.”

“Don’t know what to call it,” says The Professor. “All I know is that it is really tasty stuff and discarding it is really a waste. So what if it is partly blood? You’re already ingesting that anyway because not all of it oozes out of the loaf! I usually blot the gooze/buerre de loaf/wonderful goo with some good crusty French bread and just enjoy.”

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