Unbeknownst to many, Clear Flour Bread makes two kinds of baguettes. Most Bostonians are familiar with the regular French bread that’s sold at the bakery and at markets throughout the city. But for doctorandchef, this version of Clear Flour’s baguette just doesn’t make the grade—the color is off and the crust isn’t crispy enough.

Fortunately, many Boston hounds know to look for Clear Flour’s other baguette, the Ancienne French. Available every day after 1 p.m., this rustic loaf can only be found at the bakery and farmers’ market stand. “It’s the closest to a ‘baguette traditionelle’ I have found in the Boston area,” says Klunco. “They are incredible.”

Unlike the standard version, which has a longer shelf life, the Ancienne French baguette is not made to last. “One reason why it only comes out of the oven in the afternoon is that if you bought one with your morning bun or bostock at 9 a.m., it would be inedible by dinnertime,” says Jenny Ondioline. So if you’re going to try one out, be sure to pick it up within a few hours of when you plan to eat it.

Clear Flour Bread [Brookline]
178 Thorndike Street, Brookline

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