Prav is impressed with the frozen yogurt at Sweet Tart Froyo & Candy Bar, which opened last month in Newton Center. “The quality of the yogurt seemed excellent—milky, creamy and good,” Prav says. “It almost tasted like the Sophia’s they use at YoBro in Brookline, but it didn’t seem as rich. This is a good thing.”

For Prav, the standout flavor is the tart peach-mango yogurt. He describes it as having a “creamy, zingy, bright, flavorful peach taste, with a shade of mango.” L2k, meanwhile, suggests sticking with the classic chocolate-vanilla twist.

What really sets Sweet Tart apart is the candy topping selection. With more than 90 toppings to choose from, the shop may prove even more exciting for candy fiends than yogurt-lovers. For sugar addicts who only want nonfrozen sweets, plastic bags are available so you can take your candy to go.

Sweet Tart Froyo & Candy Bar [Newton]
749 Beacon Street, Newton

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