If the turning of the seasons has left your tomato plants heavy with hard, green fruit, don’t toss it in the compost bin. Green tomatoes can be fried, transformed into condiments for cold-season meals, and even ripened.

Want to turn those green tomatoes red? Wrap each one in newspaper, place them in a covered box, and store somewhere cool and dark. berkleybabe tried it “[a]nd they did get red and pretty tasty,” she says. “Don’t know how it works but it does.”

If you choose to instead exploit your garden’s end-of-season bounty in its green state, try pan-frying the tomatoes. Many hounds favor a simple approach to this Southern classic and dredge the tomatoes in a mix of flour and cornmeal. Some add a buttermilk soak or give them a dip in a beaten egg before passing them through the dry ingredients. Serve with rémoulade, or on salad greens topped with goat cheese. If you’d rather not fry, lowereastrittenhouse highly recommends scalloped green tomatoes from The Gift of Southern Cooking.

Another approach is to make relish or chutney to eat with sandwiches or grilled meats. Cube the tomatoes and mix them with chopped apples, raisins, and a bit of sugar, then cook on low heat. “[W]hen it looks like it’s done, it is!” says mamachef. Hounds also suggest using them in a spicy vinaigrette or substituting them for tomatillos.

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