Chowhounds like the subtle, delicate flavors of just-opened Ici ice cream–especially the wildflower honey ice cream, so fresh it tastes like it was made minutes ago, and the coconut sorbet, which is like eating coconut-flavored fresh snow. The ice creams are rich-textured and high in butterfat–something you can really bite into and chew on, says Morton the Mousse. Ice cream sandwiches are unusual and good–the “bread” of the chocolate and vanilla sandwich is a delicate bittersweet chocolate biscuit, which complements the ice cream perfectly. They also make a sandwich of raspberry ice cream on gingersnaps. The ginger flavor is extremely subtle and overwhelmed by the raspberry, but the sandwich itself is a miracle of ice cream sandwich engineering–the cookie is lightly crisp, but giving enough so that you can bite into it without all of the ice cream inside squishing out. They charge $2.50 for a small ice cream, $4.50 for a large, and $4 for a “wee” ice cream sandwich.

Be aware: the staff is dressed in spotless white chefs’ jackets, the ice cream is packed in stylish boxes, and samples are served on silver teaspoons. “If you have a tendency to use words like ‘precious’ about restaurants, maybe stick to Baskin Robbins,” says rworange.

Ici Ice Cream [East Bay]
2948 College Ave., Berkeley

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