Blending fresh Californian ingredients with classic Middle Eastern dishes, Melody cooks up “surprisingly good results,” according to bigwheel042.

Recommended dishes include the pine nuts pulled chicken wrap, full of juicy dark meat, and a lemon-cucumber yogurt dip: “tangy and refreshing with a generous amount of olive oil. Maybe the best thing I’ve tried so far,” says bigwheel042. Another side dish, the radish and chickpea salad, successfully balanced the peppery bite of the crunchy radish against a creamy dip made of the legume, with whole chickpeas sprinkled on top.

bigwheel042 dismissed the tomato-cucumber salad as just OK, and mentioned that the lamb-beef shish kebabs were a little dry, though still good. Placed within the context of its neighborhood, Melody complements the “earthier food” at nearby Old Jerusalem and Goood Frikin’ Chicken.

Melody [Bernal Heights]
3401 Mission Street, San Francisco
No phone number available

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