What beverages complement and don’t overpower the ocean-scented sensuality of raw oysters? Chablis with oysters is a traditional pairing, says Veggo.

But malibumike suggests high-quality vodka, ice cold. So does CDouglas: “Lager beer or champagne go well but I truly enjoy oysters with a good, ice-cold vodka,” CDouglas says. “Jewel of Russia Classic is my current favorite. Silky smooth and light bodied but full of that Russian mineral flavor that Stoli used to have many years ago.”

Will Owen likes a particular Muscadet called Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie. “Lovely stuff and not expensive,” he says. “There’s one label, can’t remember the name, that comes with a quaint little lithographed paper oyster-shell hang tag, but despite the schlockiness it’s really good. We were at a famous seafood place down on the water near Nice, and were prepared to order a rosé, but Mrs. O’s bossy (and knowledgeable) cousin-in-law intervened and insisted we get this instead. We shall be forever grateful.”

But the ideal strategy for excellent oysters may be minimalism—it’s best to have “nothing to drink until you’re done,” huiray says.

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