It’s only natural that cheese-loving hounds would tend to accumulate rounds of Camembert, pyramids of Brie, or hunks of Parmesan in their refrigerators. But when those tasty wedges are pared too small or are past their prime for nibbling, there are wonderful ways to transform them into a dish that makes them greater than the sum of their parts.

You can marry several cheeses into a fromage fort, a spread that incorporates wine and garlic. “Make sure you’re using a good variety of cheeses (I always make sure a blue is in there); grate or finely chop them before adding to your food processor; add seasonings gradually and taste as you go,” says Sushiqueen36. “I use a dry white wine, garlic (though not too much), a little kosher salt, and I always add smoked paprika—it adds beautiful color and a spark of flavor.” (Need a visual? Here’s a short video of Jacques Pépin making a batch.)

Making a pot of macaroni and cheese is another clever way to clear your fridge. “The best mac and cheese I ever had was one my mom made from odds and ends of French cheeses I had bought for a swish dinner party,” says buttertart. Fellow hound monavano offers this tip: Add a touch of Dijon mustard to the cheese sauce to both complement and bring the myriad flavors together.

Or, turn your bits and bobs of queso into a savory baked good. “I promise you that you and your friends will go crazy over this cheese straws recipe,” says Tehama. “It is so amazing, and completely versatile for whatever spices and cheese you have on hand.”

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