Cafe Bunn Mi opened this summer on Clement Street in San Francisco, and it’s getting a second look, thanks to cyssf, who refreshed an August thread on the Vietnamese sandwich shop.

Early visitors excitedly noted that it used nontraditional banh mi fillings, such as fried chicken, fried duck, and fish. Still, it got mixed reviews at the outset. In an early post, skllwmn wrote that the café’s execution was lacking: The imperial roll was underfried and tough, and the duck banh mi lacked depth of flavor.

cyssf decided to give the place another shot, visiting three times in a single week, and concluded that Cafe Bunn Mi is now rave-worthy. The pork belly sandwich won top honors for flavor and for its “unctuous mouth feel of melting fat,” cyssf says. Compared to the Tenderloin’s Saigon Sandwich, Cafe Bunn Mi is more expensive, but it serves consistently excellent bread and the sandwiches can be enjoyed in a cleaner, more modern venue with comfortable seating.

Cafe Bunn Mi [Inner Richmond]
417 Clement Street, San Francisco

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